A searching soul with an ambition to learn and inspire.

"A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others." - Salvador Dali.


I'm just a person who strives to create and learn as much as possible. As a young man the only things that kept me in school was sports, art and maths. I never missed an art class but getting me into other lessons was another matter. My school art was focused on pencil and clay work. I loved both.

When I left school I ended up doing a trainee job in a factory, swerving college to earn a dime so I can afford to enjoy life. I managed to save enough money to go on holiday with friends. This holiday resulted in me nearly losing my life due to being attacked by a group of older brits, this changed the course of my life. I am a big believer in everything happening for a reason, these days I have started to understand why it happened. I ended up studying one of my first passions art at Blackburn college for three years. Here I studied the history of art, graphic design and all other mediums of art. I didn't have a plan i just wanted to create art and learn. I practiced with tattoo from home for a short while but stopped after feeling guilty of putting something so permanent on people's skin.

Due to the nature of the attack while I was on holiday I was heavily scarred on my face, head, throat and chest leaving me with severe PTSD and low on confidence for many years and still impacts me to this day. I felt like I needed to reclaim my body so set off on a journey to get some appearence changing tattoos. Little did I know I would end up being a tattoo artist. I think because of this experience I can relate to some people with their decisions to get tattoos. I try to relate to people and If possible question their reasons behind getting a tattoo as from experience we sometimes make rash decisions to make us feel in control.

After college reality hit again. I had to earn a living. Art was lost. I didn't do anything with it not even in my spare time for many years.

I did lots of jobs as I'm not one for staying in one place and feel the more experiences we have the more we learn. I spent a lot of time in retail management and ended up finally going to university after many years of work. I studied marketing as I knew it would be something valuable if I was to do anything creative. I then started doing graphic design and web design in my spare time teaching myself how to code and eventually built a small social network that I sold after a couple of years. This was the start of getting back into creation. I was doing freelance work doing grahics and web. I spent a few years doing this and by chance I built a website for a friends new tattoo business. I was asked if I fancied tattooing and it went from there.

I started working from this Liverpool tattoo studio while still doing my web design but soon realised I had unfinsished business with this art form. I used my savings to afford a life decicated to getting as good as possible in as short of a time as possible. That along with some fantactic customers who gave me the luxury of having their skin as a canvas I was soon starting to improve. I spent every minute of the day trying to learn and find new ways to learn this art form. This encouraged me to focus on my art and I had to dust the pencils and brushes off and start creating. I'm now a four and a half years a tattoo artist working at my own tattoo studio in Darwen, Lancashire called The Swallows Nest Tattoo @theswallowsnesttattoo. My main goal was to be the best but these times have made me realise its more important to make people happy and proud to wear their tattoo as a piece of art. These lockdowns and ever changing times has made me analyse everything and realise I need to focus on all forms of art and do what I love to do. Tattoo is important but so is creating other pieces of art for people.

If you would like to work together to create some art drop me a message.

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